Marta Pacek – “Atheist Prayer” (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter gets deep on this powerful track from her latest record.

Australian singer/songwriter Marta Pacek released her album Voodoo Dolls & False Alarms last year, but has recently started a promotional push to get her work noticed in America and elsewhere with a series of well-crafted videos. Her latest is a clip for her latest single, the haunting and thoughtful song “Atheist Prayer”. It’s one of the best moments on the record, so it’s good to see it given some deserved attention.

“This song was recorded in Lake Lecco, Italy where I had the good fortune of performing with the Gala Orchestra of Milan at the Teatro di Sociale Lecco,” Pacek tells PopMatters. “It features many world class musician’s from The Gala Orchestra including Igor Formitchenko on flute, Andrea Paradiso on Timpany and Anga Persico on Violin. The song is about our human struggle and asks whether, atheism rather than religion can be a source of strength in times of great personal struggle. “