Matt Costa Looks Back on Love with "I Remember It Well #2" (premiere)

Photo: Pamela Littky / Courtesy of Sacks & Co.

Celebrated indie folk artist Matt Costa's latest music video is a sepia-toned look back on love and loss in California.

Prior to the release of Matt Costa's latest LP, Santa Rosa Fangs, the celebrated indie folkster hadn't released a full-length album in five years. For fans, serendipity struck and the wait was well worth it. Costa's knack for composing layers of soft psychedelic sounds stapled together with songwriting reflective of his big heart is as evident as it ever has been.

"I Remember It Well #2" is one of the more poignant tracks on Costa's latest, featuring reflective storytelling and warm-toned folk instrumentation that accentuates its nostalgic ties. Its sepia-toned music video is an extension of these ideas curated into a visual spectacle by director Pamela Littky and editor Jordan Lovelis.

Santa Rosa Fangs is out now via Dangerbird. If you are in Los Angeles, be sure to catch Costa at his homecoming show tomorrow night at the Troubadour.

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