Matt Lande - 'GLOW' (album stream) (premiere)

The latest album by the Portland singer-songwriter seamlessly blends pop and alternative rock.

Portland, oregon alt-rock singer-songwriter Matt Lande is set to release his new album GLOWon 1 December, but you can stream it in its entirety a week early below. And as you'll hear, the balance of heavy rock, pop hooks, catharsis, and introspection is damn near impeccable throughout.

"Toward the middle of 2014 I decided it was time to start writing for a new album," he tells PopMatters. "Little did I know that between then and the end of 2014 I would end up losing two amazing friends to cancer. They both played major parts in my life in completely different ways. The ballad, 'Robin' came unexpectedly while sitting alone with a piano one night and thinking about my first friend who had passed. Having to watch his pain and fear stirred a slew of emotions. Although there was much introverted sorrow in the loss, I continued on with making the record I wanted to make...a record that shows truth and variety in it's reflection of life. From sex and love to hate and loss, from desperation and fear into the opening of rusty doors to our soul, revealing new chapters of our book that are yet to be written about."

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