Maybe April's "Already Gone" Reflects on the Realities of Moving On (premiere)

Photo: Rob Bondurant / Courtesy of Lucky Bird Media

Rising Americana duo Maybe April debut their music video for "Already Gone", an empowering ballad that sees songwriter Katy DuBois moving on after a traumatic relationship.

Comprised of Katy DuBois and Alaina Stacey, Maybe April first began cutting their teeth as a duo in 2012 after meeting at a Nashville music camp. Since then, the two have opened shows for the likes of Sarah Jarosz and Brandy Clark as they've grown into the expansive roots scene. Following the release of their anticipated debut album last month, Maybe April is premiering their latest music video with PopMatters. Directed by Chollette with cinematography by Austin Crowley, the video follows the scene laid out by the single, written by DuBois in the aftermath of healing from a traumatic relationship.

DuBois and Stacey's poignant vocals sell the pensive sorrow of the former's songwriting. A subtle, banjo-led arrangement leaves plenty of space for Maybe April to impress with their vocal delivery while careful touches of instrumentation elevate the emotion conveyed at integral moments throughout the song. Wonderfully shot, the visual presentation offers a new layer to the song's evocative storytelling, keeping frank about the melancholy ruminations while ultimately serving an empowering message of moving on.

Photo: Rob Bondurant / Courtesy of Lucky Bird Media

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