London Singer and Producer, MEI Fights Back Against Invisibility on "DIM: Don't Ignore Me" (premiere)

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

South London's MEI shares her brilliant new single for "DIM: Don't Ignore Me", which showcases her intriguing blend of electronic, hip-hop, and soul. MEI is truly an artist to watch.

Winter has most certainly arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. The first flurries of snow speckle higher ground and the long, dark nights mean that our experiences of daylight can be fleeting. This lack of sunlight can have a profoundly negative effect on people. Inspired by Vivaldi's seasonal trilogy, the double A-side release No Dim Lights, from South London based artist MEI, captures her fight back against this seasonal malaise and creative inertia.

On the opening track, "I'm Certain", MEI crafts a dynamic backing from stuttering beats and bubbling electronics all over a rolling drum groove to get the hips moving. Produced and co-written with Danio Forni Jr (Husky Loops) and Joy Anonymous, the track showcases her warm, soulful side, and her ability to conjure up captivating melodies.

In contrast, "DIM: Don't Ignore Me" is far edgier with MEI rapidly spitting out rhymes over chunky, grime synths, and volatile beats. In the space between her dense, articulate raps, MEI weaves in her more soulful vocals like moments of calm in the eye of the storm before being swept back up in a whirlwind of sonic instability. Fittingly, the track flits between anger and defiance, as she addresses her experience of the music industry.

"As a black woman trying to be successful in the music industry, I often feel a bit invisible, and it feels like it can take an even longer time for your talent to be acknowledged, which I think many can relate to in many industries. And so the fight is to not give up, even on my gloomy days my light still shines and nothing can dim it."

Both tracks on No Dim Lights give further notice of MEI's distinctive talents while providing a welcome respite from the bleakness of winter.

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