Mereki - "Dth Buny" (audio) (premiere)

Noise goes pop on this contagious new track by the LA artist.

Los Angeles artist Mereki is set to release her new EP Lazy Eye this month, and as you can hear on the new track "Dth Buny", it's a searing melange of pop, noise, and garage rock.

"This song is about lust, loneliness and frustration," she explains. "I wrote the lyrics at home alone and then one day after spending ages in the studio working on another track, my producer and I gave ourselves 15 minutes to write over this beat and I randomly opened to a page and sang my scribble into the first melodies I found. We never even re-cut the vocals. I think that you can hear that spontaneity and urgency in the track and I love it because it's very honest and sort of vulnerable. And it's cool to be honest and vulnerable."

Mereki is playing at the Ascap Party - Upstairs at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on November 20th.

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