Mia Dyson - "Tearing Up the Lawn" (audio) (premiere)

Photo by Kessia Enbry

The Australian artist brilliantly captures teen restlessness on her new single.

Australian blues/roots star Mia Dyson will be releasing a new EP called Right Hereon 12 February, and as you can hear on the new single "Tearing Up the Lawn" she excels at conveying angst and restlessness within a short, taut power pop song.

"The song is sung from the perspective of the early teen years when kids are testing the boundaries," she tells PopMatters, "in my case pretty mild naughty behavior like sneaking out and running around the neighborhood, some light destruction of public property. And particularly the experience of just girls hanging out together not having to worry about impressing boys. Also growing up in a pretty white bread neighborhood and fearing that there’s no escaping the apparent dullness and hegemony of that."

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