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Michael P Cullen Asks “Do You Believe?” with Poetic Single (premiere)

Singer-songwriter Michael P Cullen lays his darkly baritone over an ominous song with an ubiquitous question at its center.

Neither straight rock, folk, or soul, the vein of Michael P Cullen‘s artistry carries the contents of a multifarious blend of influences. Ominous inclinations in its often darkly design are carried further by Cullen‘s tarry baritone, though his message is so often one of love. In many regards, this brings him closer to the poetic leanings of You Want It Darker-era Leonard Cohen with a dash of the likes of more off-kilter composers like Nick Cave or Kishi Bashi. Yet, at the center of it all is an artist that is unabashedly individualistic.

Cullen continues his descent into the realm of mysterious “indie romance” by posing listeners with a ubiquitous question at its center. “Do You Believe?” is the singer-songwriter’s latest, featuring a particular bluesy melange of baleful and wistful that Cullen inhabits so well. Its associated music video takes on similar themes, starring Morgane Housett and following her uncertain travels throughout a metropolitan locale.