Photo: Robbie Sweeny / Courtesy of JP Cutler Media

Midtown Social Find Their Escape in “Fantastic Colors” (premiere)

San Francisco R&B band, Midtown Social bring a sultry groove and infectious harmonies to "Fantastic Colors", their upcoming album's titular new single about friendship and adventure.

The members of Midtown Social define themselves as the fabric of San Francisco. Hailing from the city by the Bay, the band pride themselves on representing their city through their music. The group cover the wide breadth of retro soul and nu-disco throughout their upcoming album, Fantastic Colors. Citing issues that are rising as a result of gentrification in the city, Midtown Social are reclaiming what is authentically San Francisco with Fantastic Colors, intending to project their intense love for the city despite the swath of growing problems. They’re leaning into positivity, spreading a message of togetherness through inclusivity that pervades every corner of the forthcoming R&B release.

Well ahead of the album’s Valentine’s Day 2020 release, Midtown Social is premiering the music video for its titular single with PopMatters. Featuring gorgeous shots of the band playing across a vibrant pacific landscape, the video accentuates Midtown Social’s message of unity through the passion with which they approach their performance. Sinking into a sensuous groove, the band has ample time to showcase their harmonic layers and infectious overall musicality through the song.

Singer Kisura Nyoto tells PopMatters, “‘Fantastic Colors’ is about friendship and escape. It’s about those days you can put a pause on the chaos, uncertainty, and hardship of normal life and break into an undefined adventure with your closest friends.”

Midtown Social is lead vocalists Kisura Nyoto and Aaron Joseph, backing vocalist Whitney Moses, drummer Richard “RJ” Julia, bassist Sarah Beth, and percussionist Adam Rubinger. Fantastic Colors features co-production by Jeff Kolhede and is due for release on 20 February 2020. Its lead single of the same name is due for release on 2 August of this year, with a debut party set at San Francisco’s The Independent on 3 August.