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Mihalis Safras Debuts First Single “Lacid” from New EP (premiere)

The first taste of Mihalis Safras' new EP for UK label Sola is a skillfully layered tech-house barnstormer.

This has been quite a year for Greek born tech-house DJ and producer Mihalis Safras. As well as his stunning, summer remix of Claptone’s “Stay the Night”, Safras has released four collaborations with Relief Records, including the superb “Shmash” with owner Green Velvet. To top off what has been an epic year, he’s now about to drop his latest EP Lacid, his first for the Sola label.

The title track of the EP opens with the steady tick of hi-hat, thumping pads, and stabs of alarm-like synths that steadily grow, threatening to dwarf the entire mix. Binding the whole thing together is a glitchy, sliced and diced vocal sample that doffs its cap to classic, old skool rave. As the pummelling drums build, shocks of white noise explode and shatter with fragments ricocheting into the distance. Before fracturing completely, the track locks into a deep house groove as Safras skillfully manipulates the various sonic components, culminating in a bone-shaking breakdown.

On “Lacid”, Safras adeptly straddles the divide between techno and house to create a thunderous, club, super-hit in waiting. Dropped at the right moment, it’s the kind of track that quickly turns the floor into a unified mass of sweat-drenched, crazed loons.

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