Mike Edel Melts Hearts with Family-Centric "Go With You" Video (premiere)

Mike Edel's latest indie pop tune plays out as an ode to his father in its endlessly charming music video.

Teaming up Death Cab for Cutie's Chris Walla for his latest singles, Mike Edel has adopted a "consistency is boring" mantra alongside his new duo partner when approaching their work together. Ergo, the Canadian singer-songwriter's "Go With You" is much more than just a vibrantly-textured foray into the indie pop realm. Yes, it features an infectious rhythm driven forward by subtle waves of synth and percussion alongside Edel's refreshingly sweet tone. Beyond that, though, it plays out as an ode to Edel's father, Larry, in its accompanying music video that will enliven even the most resiliently stone-hearted.

Directed by Jordan Clarke, the video starts with Edel laying out the premise—he's on the road to spend the day with his dad, who he doesn't see all that often. Once they get together, it's an instant heart-melter, featuring father and son enjoying a day out on the town amidst books, bowling, biking, and more. It's a heartwarming reminder that, no matter how old we get, the sort of bond that Edel clearly has with his father is something unbreakable by time or space. It is a special piece of work featuring an all-too-fitting tune as its soundtrack, with lyrics and delivery from Edel that tend to convey that sort of reassuring light in the face of the unknown.

"'Go With You' is about change and vectoring forward into the unknown without regret," says Edel. "I love the synth lines and the hi-hat drums – It's a departure for me, both sonically and rhythmically and I'm very into it."

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