Photo: Chaz Cruz

Mikey Wax Celebrates Simplicity With “Big Little Life” (premiere)

YouTube favorite Mikey Wax comes front-and-center in new video about love's simplicity, "Big Little Life".

If we’re to believe our friends’ social media posts and viral articles about pop up this and tiny houses that, minimalism is in. Of course, coffeehouse bards and traveling song and dance men have known this all along. They’ve been singing (literally) the praises of a life unadorned by Keurigs, entertainment centers, sprawling homes filled with empty rooms and the general pleasures experienced when two people cast aside all those material things and focus on loving one another.

Singer-songwriter Mikey Wax continues that tradition with “Big Little Life”, a reminder that at least for a moment most couples had nothing more than a ticket stub and some popcorn salt between them. Though informed by contemporary musical settings and a delightful musical performance that’s absolutely ripped from the calendar of 2018, Wax is really engaged in telling us all a story for and of the ages. And there are probably scores of couples who’ll hear their own stories reflected back to them in the piece’s verses and choruses.

“This song came to me while I was driving to my friends recording studio,” Wax recalls. “I thought the concept was cool and I had been wanting to write a song for my fiancé to play at our wedding. I sang the idea into my phone and when I got to my friends studio, he and I finished ‘Big Little Life’ that same day. The melody, production and lyrics are all about keeping it simple. It’s my promise to my wife-to-be to build a simple yet fulfilling life together.”

In addition to the song placing Wax’s lyrics and performance front-and-center the new video clip, directed by Maria Jorjezia does the same. Though Wax has been a favorite of YouTube stalwarts for some time, “Big Little Life” marks a new chapter for him as he becomes the star of the clip while many of his past offerings have been lyric videos.