MindMassage's "Sailing Away" Is a Late Summer Banger and Meditative Chillout (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Outpost PR

The first taste from MindMassage's forthcoming album sees the Manchester producer building on a richly evocative sonic foundation with "Sailing Away".

Manchester-based producer MindMassage is preparing for the release of his forthcoming debut album with first single, "Sailing Away". Featuring soul singer ROSA, it showcases his ability to blend potent house beats and dreamlike, retrowave synths to produce a beautifully fluid sonic soundscape.

Opening with sensual moans and a steady house beat, ROSA details her desire to escape from the often overwhelming noise and emotional stress of modern living. Fittingly, MindMassage provides a richly tranquil, sonic bed for ROSA's vocals. Her emotive, captivating voice twists and curls around the warm digital textures as she pines for a chance to slip away with the one she loves.

Before long, the tempo swells as oscillating synths gently send the whole thing spinning off into the clouds. It's a wonderfully breezy conclusion to a song that washes over you like warm, summer rain. It's a track that manages to find the sweet spot between late summer banger and meditative chill-out music.

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