Photo: Roy Tee / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Minimal Compact Revisit Classic, “Statik Dancin'” (premiere)

Minimal Compact revisit classics from their past on new LP produced by Wire's Colin Newman. The sound capitalizes on the legendary group's live energy.

Minimal Compact release their latest album, Creation Is Perfect on 25 October. Produced by Wire’s Colin Newman, the collection features a variety of classic tunes from the Israeli group’s past re-recorded with new fidelity and vitality. That includes a cracking new rendition of “Statik Dancin'” which appeared on the 1982 album One By One. Hair-raising rhythms and chill-inspiring vocals abound within a tune that has an impossibly infectious chorus and is one of those rare compositions that kicks with more fire and vibrance than the original. The new album also includes a brand new song, which is the second new song from Minimal Compact in over 30 years.

Malka Spigel, bassist/vocalist and keyboardist for the group, says, “We still play this song like we always did: Driving, minimal, a bit moronic but still catchy. This version has a combination of the energy of the live version plus fresh-sounding production.”

Minimal Compact first formed in Amsterdam circa 1980 and ended its initial run in 1988, leaving behind a series of albums that were adventurous and, frequently, smile-inducing as well as fan base that spanned the globe. The collective, which also features vocalist Samy Birnbach, guitarist Rami Fortis, drummer Max Franken and guitarist/keyboardist Berry Sakharof, reunited in 2004 for a series of well-received concerts, ultimately leading to Creation Is Perfect.