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Mnemic, The Icarus Line


Free Stream of Mnemic's entire new album, Passenger

"This is more of a resurrection album for the band. The melodic became more melodic, and the brutal became more brutal as we succeeded in finding the complete MNEMIC sound. We really took the time that we needed to write songs we could be happy with. We didn't just use the first or the best riff... we demo-ed [the songs], chopped them up, and put them back together. [New singer] Guillaume really did a phenomenal job with vocals. He was the missing piece of the puzzle and simply lifted us to the next level. I hope this release finally puts MNEMIC on the map. I don't want us to just drown in the ocean of all other releases, bands, and labels that are out there in today's metal." - Mircea [guitar], Metal Edge Magazine

The Icarus Line

Gets Paid, from Black Lives at the Golden Coast, (Dim Mak)

Black Lives at the Golden Coast -- for which The Icarus Line have turned once more to the good judgement and talent of producer Mike Musmanno -- is certainly their most stunning venture to date. The album was entirely recorded on tape, with Cardamone and the band pushing the sound above and beyond their own expectations and dosing it with even more concentrated elements of pop, art, and sex. Black Lives proves that true rock 'n' roll is still alive in the heart of The Icarus Line. -- Dim Mak

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