Photo: Erin Fitzpatrick (Perfect World Productions)

Mob Terror Contemplates All of Us “People” (premiere)

Powerful Philly metal trio Mob Terror gives listeners a taste of new EP, Superstimulus, with "People".

Noise and aggression merchants Mob Terror return with the EP Superstimulus on 27 April via Financial Ruin with the track “People” serving as a taste of what’s to come. The Philadelphia trio is the ultimate in sonic fear, throwing its considerable weight into this groove-minded piece, wielding a power that bands with twice the number in the ranks can rarely summon. It’s not exactly hardcore, and it’s not exactly noise and absolutely not your track coach’s metal, though the extremes of all those come shining through in the less than three minutes it takes “People” to make its pointed point. If one thinks that heavy music is beyond learning new tricks in 2018, one must think again.

Vocalist/guitarist Sam Gasparre says this about the upcoming EP, “So much heavy music feels cold or removed in some way and with this record we wanted to make something with dimension, something palpable. Something that has weight or texture. Throughout writing and recording, we talked a lot about creating an environment, and this has pervaded everything. Each song deals with this idea of place in its own way, some more directly than others. What’s done in these places and how are they used? Superstimulus is an attempt to feel into these questions.”

Superstimulus may be ordered here.