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The Mobros Introduce Viewers to a Most Complex Character, “Carrie Anne” (premiere)

With a new EP on the horizon, soulful South Carolinian brothers the Mobros kick off a new tour, offer new video, "Carrie Anne".

Kelly and Patrick Morris, collectively known as the Mobros, introduce listeners to “Carrie Anne”, a complex character who occupies multilayered song filled with soulful lyrics, unexpected melodic turns and an unforgettable atmosphere. With gutsy guitars and big, booming drums, the track carries an uncommon rawness that translates to musical and emotional honesty.

The brothers explain that the song is a conversation between the tune’s narrator and his internal persona. The titular character serves as an image of superior beauty that is, in fact, our narrator’s internal persona. A ghost that inhabits anyone summoned by conflicting internal and external images, discord between physique and psyche, Carrie Anne is there. “Feeling as if your inner person is completely different to your exterior person or appearance and seeking to establish a connection between the two under societal pressure is what summons Carrie Anne,” the brothers explain.

“We recorded the song at Leon’s Electric House in Charleston, South Carolina, where we produce all of our work,” they note. “It was recorded with several microphones to an old 1/2 inch tape machine. We experimented with different mic techniques on the drums, guitars, and vocals until it sounded like the listener was in the room with us. We used a speaker to amplify certain tracks in the bathroom, hall, and at the bottom of the staircase to create a ‘large-gloomy-sounding-reverb’ with a microphone capturing the ambience of each. You can really hear the house’s reverb on the drums and vocals. The guitars were tracked all over the house, in the bathroom, on different steps, and in different rooms.”

They continue, “We spent weeks experimenting and working to emulate or surpass, if possible, our sonic projections and/or goals intended for Carrie Anne’s concept, sound, and structure. Many neighborhood mattresses were used in the process as vocal booths or to deaden the rooms and prevent sirens or low car frequencies from being heard on the record. Our main source of motivation comes from knowing that we are creatively free when we do everything ourselves. Our passions derive from knowing that we are free to design of our own, express whatever it is we feel has importance and meaning through our literature, work endlessly without sleep until we’ve created sonic signature that is authentic, and not limit ourselves by falling under financial restraints that the industry tends to bestow. Remaining unimpeded is the elixir to our workflow.”

The Mobros kick off a series of dates in its hometown on May 24.


05/24/18 – Charleston, SC – The Royal American

05/25/18 – Raleigh, NC – The Pourhouse

05/26/18 – Philadelphia, PA – TBA

05/27/18 – Philadelphia, PA -Sofar Sounds

05/28/18 – NY,NY – Mercury Lounge (Headline Show)

05/29/18 – NY,NY – Bowery Electric

05/30/18 – D.C – Smith Public Trust

05/31/18 – Columbus, OH – Shrunken Head

06/1/18 – Cincinnati, OH – Urban Artifact

06/2/18 – TBA

06/3/18 – Nashville, TN – East Room

06/4/18 – Greenville, SC – The Radio Room

06/5/18 – Atlanta, GA – Smiths Olde Bar (Atlanta Room)

06/6/18 – Columbia, SC – New Brookland Tavern

06/7/18 – Charlotte, NC – Petras Piano Bar