Moody Little Sister Travel to "711 Lucky Street" (premiere)

Photo: Michelle Padilla / Courtesy of In Music We Trust

Combining the sounds of prairie country and heartland rock, Moody Little Sister tease their upcoming album with "711 Lucky Street".

Moody Little Sister's latest release Great Big Mama Sunshine offers a new start for the group. The duo move beyond their pop origins and embrace Southwestern American soul, as evidenced via the new video, "711 Lucky Street". Recalling the breezy prairie country of classic kd lang as well as the heartland rock sounds of the 1980s (Del Fuegos, Del Lords), the group fully embrace the sound and feel of wide open spaces. The umbrella is wide open, allowing for a meeting space where honky tonk angels, goth weirdos, and otherwise disenfranchised souls can gather.

The group's Naomi Sparrow says, "This is a fictional song, inspired by an actual address in the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico and is dedicated to anyone who decided to, despite the neighborhood they grew up in, and against all odds, do it anyway."

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