Moorea Masa and the Mood Gets Soulful on "I Can't Tell" (premiere)

Understated vocalist Moorea Masa stays true to her Oregon roots while delivering deeply moving soul-inflected love song.

Moorea Masa's and the Mood's "I Can't Tell" highlights the 25-year-old Portland, Oregon native's soulful, understated vocals. Having paid her dues with featured and backing vocal spots with a range of acts that includes Nick Waterhouse, the Decemberists, k.d. lang and more, she released her debut EP in 2017 and will follow it with a full-length album later this year. Though she clearly embraces R&B to its fullest here, she often shows an appreciation for both folk and pop without ever playing to the obvious choices in any genre.

The song's simplicity allows its tender sentiments about love to come to the fore; it is honest, absent of cliché and laden with hooks that will make a fast favorite. "I Can't Tell" is released Friday, 9 February.

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