Photo: Nicol Vizioli / Courtesy of Kartel

Morcheeba Celebrates the Hot British Summer with “It’s Summertime” (video premiere)

On their latest single "It's Summertime", Morcheeba paired up with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner to pen the tune and it's a shiny, summery, pop number that evokes the warmth of this year's quite hot British summer.

Legendary British trip hop act Morcheeba originally made their name in the ’90s, but they’ve never stopped putting out truly stellar new music as this year’s Blaze Away most assuredly proves. Groovy dancey beats melded with Skye Edwards gorgeous, singular voice still powers the group as they tour the world spreading top-notch trip hop in their wake. On their latest single “It’s Summertime”, Morcheeba paired up with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner to pen the tune and it’s a shiny, summery, pop number that evokes the warmth of this year’s quite hot British summer. Gentle acoustic guitars and understated shuffling beats underpin Edwards’ dreamy pop vocals as the choruses build upon each other. Meanwhile, the video builds on that sunny vibe with scenes of green English parks and woods and the nighttime neon of a city that’s wide awake and open for thrills.

Morcheeba tells PopMatters that the single is “a poppy little number we wrote with Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner and is very fitting for the wonderful summer we are enjoying. The video was shot in East London in July. Check out the cool old neon signs in God’s Own Junkyard. Hope you enjoy it.”]

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