Mother Falcon - "Naked + Alive" (video) (premiere)

Photo by LeeAnn Muller

The Texas orchestral pop band return with a new video.

Austin orchestral pop band Mother Falcon released their album Good Luck Have Fun this past 9 October on Universal Music Classics, and have just put out a video for the track "Naked + Alive", which can be seen below.

"The video is intended to be a figurative illustration of the lyrics to 'Naked + Alive'," says singer Tamir Kalifa. "Its draws a parallel between the endless corn maze and the endless tragedies people subject each other to in the name of survival, whether it's physical, political or economical. The camera following a wandering stranger in realtime perpetuates some of the frustrations with this endless cycle as with every turn, his hopes for change or resolution are met with the same pathway and ethos of the past."

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