Motorcade- "Desertion" (audio) (premiere)

Doses of '80s-like brooding co-mingle with uplifting choruses on "Desertion", the new single from Motorcade.

Doses of '80s-like brooding co-mingle with uplifting choruses on "Desertion", the new single from Motorcade, culled from the band's debut album due 19 January 2018 via Idol Records. With keyboard lines that will appeal to fans of Depeche Mode, the Jesus and Mary Chain as well as Echo & The Bunnymen, the song suggests great things to come from the Dallas-based outfit.

No matter that this is the group's debut album, the members (Andrew Huffstetler, vocals), James Henderson (guitar/keyboards/vocals), John Dufilho (bass/vocals) and Jeff Ryan (drums) have recorded and or/been in the touring bands for St. Vincent, the Apples in Stereo, the War on Drugs, Daniel Johnston and others.

That seasoned approach may account for the debut album's accomplished sounds or one could easily attribute it to natural talent.

"I like that there's some nice psychedelia in this one," muses Henderson. "That was the original aim of the whole record, to mix post-punk and '60s psychedelia. This one succeeds to an acceptable degree." He adds, "This one started with the chorus. It just came to me in my kitchen. The bass line, the words, and melody. So, lyrically I had that right away. I sang it into my phone and sat on it until it was time to come up with the rest."

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