Motorpsycho: Little Lucid Moments

Little Lucid Moments
Rune Grammofon

Not being very familiar with Motorpsycho, the title Little Lucid Moments makes me think it would be a soft introspective piece of music, but nope, this album is almost a rock opera. The first song, “Suite: Little Lucid Moments”, is broken up into four parts. This is one of those songs perfect for driving across large stretches of land, sounding something like Foo Fighters meets Neu. Crank it up loud, bang your head, and drive FAST. There are some great harmonies in this track. For being a band for nearly 20 years, they’ve still got it. The second track “Year Zero (A Damage Report)” is a slower build and has some very noodley guitar work. The four lengthy tracks that make up this album are an intense listen with great production.

RATING 6 / 10