Mount Moriah – “Baby Blue” (Singles Going Steady)

Innocence lost set to a gorgeous hymn in Mount Moriah's "Baby Blue".

Eric Risch: Toying with perception, the Jordan Blake-directed video for Mount Moriah‘s “Baby Blue” sets photographer Robert Frank’s The Americans in motion. Seemingly candid moments proving anything but, we are left to question everything we see. Innocence lost set to a gorgeous hymn. [7/10]

Morgan Y. Evans: Merge always is really discerning with their output and this is another top quality project for the label. Enjoyable country indie-heartache with real world over too much hipster max out vibes making the video work well. Beautiful voice and feel. [7/10]

Emmanuel Elone: It’s a decent pop country song. The singing was great, and I loved the tone of the electric guitar strums and occasional arpeggios. I couldn’t help but think of Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” and its numerous covers, so I think that the song lacks a bit of originality in concept. I do give Mount Moriah credit though for making a catchy, well-made country song that has some pop music crossover appeal. It’s better than a lot of radio country nowadays. [5/10]

Magdalen Jenne: Depending on where you’re coming from it’s either refreshing or frustrating to hear this kind of lighthearted take on alt country. There’s certainly a stylistic nod to a more classic sound which can feel like a cop-out, but you it’s hard to argue with a melody this hummable. [6/10]

Chad Miller: Evokes a countrified Joni Mitchell sound.It has a nice tune. but it’s nothing you haven’t heard done better before. The rhythm section feels particularly directionless throughout the piece as well. [5/10]

Mount Moriah‘s new album How to Dance releases February 26th via Merge Records.

SCORE: 6.00

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