Mount Moriah - "Calvander" (Singles Going Steady)

North Carolina indie band Mount Moriah offers up a new single to tide us over until there's a new album on the horizon.

Dustin Ragucos: It's the kind of folk you'd find at a festival that a boss sent you to cover, though you really didn't want to do it. Yet, when you listen to Mount Moriah, there'll be moments after the imaginary festival that you want to remember, specifically the vocalist who feels like a lost lover that entranced you for a few seconds with their feathery tone and their desire for one's cosmic reach. [6/10]

Kevin Korber: Indie rock continues to go country, then. That’s fine. As long as they don’t do anything gimmicky like full-album Taylor Swift covers. [5/10]

John Bergstrom: I like the way she says "county", but a pronunciation does not an exceptional indie rock song make. [5/10]

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