Moxi - "Figures Bathed in Light" (video) (premiere)

Moxi creates "beautiful, creepy, strange, and dreamy" electropop birthed out of a near-fatal car crash.

Comprised of vocalist Anna Toy and keyboardist Andy Toy, Moxi is a Los Angeles duo producing lilting electronic music centered around brooding, textural layers of composition, as well as ethereal vocal performances and melodies.

The duo describes the music video for the title track from off of their upcoming EP, "A Figure Bathed in Light" as "a world within a video that came from our dreams, brought to life with our dear friends Matt Champagne and Grant Jensen."

It's a song that was birthed out of a near-death experience in a car crash for the couple. The resulting burst of creative energy that they'd felt following the situation put them in a position where they've been creating evocative, multi-layered music reflective of their revitalized worldviews as they pertain to art and life.

They go on to say, "We hope you enjoy being taken on a journey through life, death and the in between. Enjoy it for everything it is, beautiful, creepy, strange, and dreamy."

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