Mr. Kitty Contemplates Grief, More With Double LP, 'Ephemeral' (album stream) (premiere)

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Inspired by the suicide of a friend, Ephemeral is synthpop artist Mr. Kitty's eighth album and arrives March 8th via Negative Gain.

Austin, Texas synthpop artist Mr. Kitty returns with his eighth album, Ephemeral, a 30-track exploration of grief, sadness, and friendship arrives March 8th via Negative Gain.

The album was inspired by the death of a close friend of the musician who took his own life in February 2018. One year on, Mr. Kitty issued the first single from Ephemeral, "Empty Phases" and is donating all money made from sales of the single to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The record will be available on double CD and cassette.

He says, "The inspiration of this album came from experiencing how someone's death affects everyone from different perspectives. Whether it be a platonic or romantic relationship with someone that has passed, the five stages of grief can eat you alive and spit you out. I wanted to capture all of the highs and lows of being broken."

Key tracks include "From Liquid", which wavers between reflective and anthemic, the retro-synth-inspired "Disconnect Lover", the thoroughly haunting and occasionally frightening "Trauma" and the final, resolute "I Did It All For You", which serves as the perfect closer for a record that, despite its initial inspiration, finds hope and beauty in a world that is too often short on both.


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