Ms. John Soda: Loom

German duo running on radio silence since 2006 returns with a strong, smart showing. The message? The less things change, the more they stay the same.

Ms. John Soda


US Release: 2015-10-02
Label: Morr Music
UK Release: 2015-10-16
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Nearly a decade has flitted by since this German duo last graced us with a recording and for a moment you might begin to think that it's 2007 all over again once songs such as "Millions" and "Hero Whales" find purchase in your ear canals. Loom, as they say, rewards repeated listens, though it's easy to fall in love with "The Light", "Sirens" (perfect for use in commercials for either department stores or washing detergents) and others across this oh-so-slender collection. (At 38 minutes, it's a sliver even by today's standards—not that anyone's complaining.) Things are at their best when the going gets weird and so the intro of "Name It", a repetitive, skull-banging little number, might be the best thing here. A welcome return from a duo that we can only hope won't keep us waiting so long next time.


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