Mt. Wolf Announce UK Tour Alongside Ethereal "Bohemia" Video (premiere)

Hot off the heels of releasing their first full-length album, London dream folk trio Mt. Wolf are reaching heavenly heights with their newest arrangement of "Bohemia".

It was a long time coming for fans, but Mt. Wolf finally released their debut full-length album last year. The London trio has always been adept at producing ambient soundscapes for their dreamy folk arrangements to come alive, and Aetherlight's "Bohemia" was no exception. Now, they are releasing a new single version of the track, featuring an even more grandiose string ensemble that brings extra layers of ethereal beauty to the composition.

Directed by James Ayling, the accompanying music video for this new cut of "Bohemia" is just as heavenly. Producer Ferdinand Kuyper says of it: "It was imperative that the production quality of the video matched the music and the creative concept to make this piece stand out. 'Bohemia' is a hauntingly beautiful composition of music that stands out among the many forms of popular music that is available to listeners."

"There is a purity of performance in ballet that expresses the sentiments of the music and conveys the nature of the composition perfectly. The years of practice, hard work and sheer determination to succeed is visible from the seemingly effortless performances from both our skilled dancers, without whom this production would have been entirely unrecognizable."


08/02 - Spectra Festival Aberdeen

21/03 - Birmingham - Hare & Hounds Kings Heath

22/03 - Oxford - The Bullingdon

23/03 - Manchester Low Four Studio

24/03 - Glasgow - The Glad Cafe

26/03 - Leeds - Headrow House

28/03 - London - Scala

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