MTV launches new interactive music video program

Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

At long last MTV has created one of the freshest shows of the summer upon the launch of FNMTV Premieres, which showcases new music videos every Friday night this summer. FNMTV promises to be one of the most innovative and best shows airing on MTV. Official sponsors of FNMTV Premieres are Verizon Wireless and Rhapsody.

The show celebrates music videos, music fans and music artists in a new 24/7 non-stop, interactive music event embracing the best music experiences from TV and the web. Every week MTV will premiere new music videos by the hottest artists around including promising up and artists just breaking onto the music scene.

This show differs from others of its kind in that it is interactive; the fans take the reigns and control what is seen on MTV. Fans can send in videos or reviews of the songs seen on the show. Brian Graden, President of Entertainment, MTV Music Group says that, "F is for feedback, N is for new and together FNMTV is the summer music event that brings it all together. Starting in June, MTV will focus on exclusive new music video premieres, and via, the instantaneous feedback from our audience and culture at large as they make the music their own. MTV's new paradigm enables us to not only initiate a conversation around music via flagship premieres, but also reflect that conversation back on television in real time. FNMTV, along with interactive amateur competitions like America's Best Dance Crew and Making the Band, the perennial viewer-driven TRL, further MTV's mission of enabling this generation's great musical democracy.

“Our audience has an insatiable hunger for the new and the fresh... We're going to be loud about what's new and use the power of MTV to engage music fans around music videos.” said Amy Doyle, SVP, Music and Talent, MTV. “Every week this summer we are going to highlight the most exciting artists and music and elevate the true art of the music video."

The show premiered on MTV June 13th with newlywed Host Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Each week the show will debut popular videos and will include live performances and special guest appearances. Among those artists confirmed to appear are Panic at the Disco, Flo-Rida, the Ting Tings, Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Wayne, the Pussycat Dolls, Duffy, among others.

Show number three airs this Friday June 27 at 8PM. Check local listings for time and channel. Rhianna and Maroon 5 are this week’s featured performers. Video premiers will be seen from artists T.I., No Age, and Day 26. Tune in. You won’t want to miss it.

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