Mura Masa – “All Around the World” ft. Desiigner (Singles Going Steady)

Desiigner sounds happy to be here, and it’s infectious.

Adriane Pontecorvo: Desiigner takes an uncharacteristically straightforward approach to Mura Masa’s beats on “All Around the World”, a simple track with a lot of good heart. His vocals refreshing and sometimes even sweet, Desiigner sounds happy to be here, and it’s infectious. It’s a song that embraces the good parts of life, a much-needed break from the national and global stress that heals the soul. [8/10]

Mike Schiller: Mura Masa finds his way back to trap after his flirtations with pop, and turns in a solid backing track that really allows Desiigner to take the track and run with it. It wouldn’t be half as effective without Desiigner’s energy, which is also the highlight of a music video in which Desiigner is clearly feeling himself and having a fantastic time. It’s a simple track, but it’s engaging enough while it lasts. Come for the beats, stay for Desiigner’s facial expressions. [6/10]

John Garratt: Alex Crossan, aka Mura Masa, should be aware the Auto-Tune trend turned into a sinking ship a few years back. Applying it to Desiigner’s rapid-fire style is disorienting, to say the least. It makes one wonder what Desiigner would have sounded like au-naturel. If the answer is somewhere along the lines of “not good”, that would have at least made “All Around the World” just a tinge more interesting. [5/10]

SCORE: 6.33