My Morning Jacket – “Compound Fracture” (Singles Going Steady)

In case you forgot, this video is here to remind you that My Morning Jacket play in front of large crowds sometimes.

Steve Horowitz: Does anyone even like arena rock anymore, or is it just one of the holdovers from the ’60s that we have to put up with. Sure, I don’t think groups as popular as My Morning Jacket could play a series of small clubs without causing havoc, but the lack of intimacy at such shows reveals they are as barren as the mountain and desert landscapes of the video. The song itself seems meant for big shows. It’s anthemic, repetitive, and non-threatening. Let’s all put our hands up in the air and let the drummer take us away. The beat is catchy enough. Who knows what “Compound Fracture” really concerns, but one needs the broken bones as much as one needs another hole in the head. [6/10]

Timothy Gabriele: A touch of grey here, as well as a glimpse of the dreary future in store for Tame Impala. I don’t think I’ve seen these grand egotistical stadium shots (“look how massive my audience is”) since the heyday of hair band videos. They’ve dabbed the video with some psych-ish transition effects from the plugin pack, but it’s clear that the drugs don’t work with these boys anymore. If there was any AM radio for beardos, here’d be its anthem… or it’s b-side. [3/10]

Dustin Ragucos: If Almost Famous found itself set in the early 2000s, “Compound Fracture” would be the song that the film’s fictional band would play after getting out of their rut. The declaration that “There’s no evil / There’s no good” indicates the growing perceptions of the new characters in the movie. With a falsetto and a slick keyboard riff, the song might as well end with a tour bus heading toward a sundown. [8/10]

Kevin Korber: In case you forgot, this video is here to remind you that My Morning Jacket play in front of large crowds sometimes. Director Danny Clinch is a photographer by trade, as evidenced by how the video appears to be a collection of press shots and live shots jumbled together. Still, the video, song, and band are appropriately pleasant enough [5/10]

John Garratt: My Morning Jacket’s dreamy indie sound is good for escapism but this video absolutely isn’t. It looks like something that an ADHD-riddled space alien cobbled together just moments after learning what a music video is. “Compound Fracture” can stand on its own just fine. Just open a new window in your browser while listening, you’ll see. [7/10]