Nadia Kazmi – “Haunting” (video) (premiere)

The searing, dark blues rock of this track lives up to its title.

A native of Calgary, Alberta but now based in New York City, singer-songwriter Nadia Kazmi has just her new EP Lamb, which is her first collection of new original material since 2008’s Arrival. The murky tune “Haunting” is a tremendous example of how Kazmi approaches blues rock: stylistically it’s similar to the lean attack of Anna Calvi, but Kazmi’s singing steers it into much sultrier territory. It’ll stay with you long after first hearing it, and you can see the new video for the track below.

“The song Haunting is about a lingering love after two people have parted ways,” she tells PopMatters. “The memory of the other person is hard to erase. The video evokes that with a bit of mystery and an eerie feeling. The red with black and white has an ominous vibe.”