Nadia Lanfranconi Celebrates Her Roots in "Italian Country Song" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of HIP Video Promo

In her beautifully-shot new music video, Nadia Lanfranconi humorously highlights both her similarities and her differences with American country artists.

Weighing the success of such European acts as Lucie Silvas and Rattleshack as of late, there seems to be a growing market for country music outside of the United States. Singer-songwriter and actress Nadia Lanfranconi was raised on it, and she was born on the Lake Como shores. The Italian artist's foremost icons in music include Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, and she's been working in country music since she began writing and performing songs in 2008.

Lanfranconi's artistry tends to celebrate Italian and American culture in equal measure, highlighting both their similarities and differences with a sense of pride. That perhaps could not be better expressed than in her aptly-titled "Italian Country Song" which, just as it says on the tin, highlights her Lake Como roots while showcasing her love for American country music. The song carries a wistfulness and humor to it that sets it apart, in many ways acting like a funny antithesis to much of the bro-country still pervading the market today. She proclaims love for coffee over beer while confessing her lack of knowledge over pickup trucks. Moreover, although the song's music video sees Lanfranconi out to church in boots and a broad-rimmed hat, she still proudly waves her Italian flag midway in.

The music video for "Italian Country Song" was directed by Andrea "Vonjako" Giacomini.

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