Americana Band the Naked Sun Release "Holdin' Back the Heart" Ahead of New LP (premiere)

Photo: Charles Wrzesniewski

After eight years in the game, Americana band the Naked Sun are finally releasing their debut full-length. Listen to their grooving new anthem, "Holdin' Back the Heart", before it drops.

With a sound as catchy and clean as the Naked Sun's, it wouldn't be surprising to see these up-and-comers in the roots rock industry one day climb their way to the top. The Philly-based Americana sextet has become something of a staple in their city since first coming together in 2010. Their new single, "Holdin' Back the Heart", has a lot to do with that formative year. It was the first song that the band had ever written. Now, eight years later, it's finally been recorded for their new record, War with Shadows.

Immediately, the collective "band" sound the Naked Sun on their track shines through. There's a certain ease and groove to their music that is as clean-cut with rock 'n' roll as you can get. It's in the vocal delivery across that chorus paired with a conscious lyricism that evokes pop and folk elements. Altogether, it's heartland Americana reminiscent of Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen, wrapped in a finely-polished bow by producer Brian McTear (the War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Joan Osbourne).

"'Holdin'' is the very first song the band wrote together way back in 2010 when we were first starting out," says frontman Andrew Wesley Harris. "We've closed almost every single one of our shows since our inception with this song. I knew it was special when I wrote it because it was one of those songs that just kind of came out of me.

"I wrote the chorus and music in what seemed to be five minutes but was probably more like a half hour. This was a totally different style of music for me to write, and at the time a part of me didn't want to write it because it seemed so out of place. I quickly killed that voice and let it come out.

"Lyrically this song is about falling in love again, after losing in love so many times before. It's about vulnerability, letting one's guard down, and letting someone into the most delicate space of your soul, your heart. I married the woman I am writing about in the song five years later."

War with Shadows releases on 26 January 2018.





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