Natalie Shay Gets in Touch with "This Feeling" in New Video (premiere)

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London's Natalie Shay is quickly making waves in the UK capital and beyond with her brand of effervescent indie pop that articulates the simple joys of life, love and relationships.

This Feeling
Natalie Shay

1st February 2018

London born indie artist Natalie Shay is quickly making waves in the UK capital and beyond with her brand of effervescent indie pop that articulates the simple joys of life, love and relationships. Marrying the universal observations of Kate Nash with an innate ear for a pop hook, shared with bands like the Vaccines and the 1975, new single "This Feeling" is a a sweet shot of perky indie pop

Framed by driving guitar chords and a striding rhythm section, the song fizzes along at a joyful pace as it builds to a triumphant and eternally catchy chorus. It's a relatively simple ode to the fundamental and pure breathless thrill of a nascent relationship but refreshingly devoid of any trace of cynicism.

The video PopMatters is premiering today reflects the wide-eyed innocence and colorful energy of the song. In it, the male protagonist chases a group of neon butterflies through the streets of London that serve as a metaphor for the search for that special someone. All of this happens as Shay plays the song live to a captivated pub audience with all the vigor and verve her own live performances are known for. Directed by fellow Brit school Alumni George O'Regan, it's a novel spin on the standard 'boy meets girl' music video.

As well as premiering the new video for the song, Shay talks a little about how the song came into being below.

What's the story behind the song?

The song is about the feeling someone experiences when they begin a new relationship or meet someone special. It's not based on a particular personal story however, it's definitely about something I've experienced and I'm sure most people can relate.

How easily did it come together?

I first came up with the chords and the 'This Feeling' hook, when playing around one day. I remember I recorded that small idea onto my phone, then began writing the rest in the back of the car and then later that evening when I got home. The song itself didn't take too long to write, however the arrangement and instrumentation was something that came together over weeks of work and thought.

What comes first the lyrics or the music?

In this case, both together. Often I decide on music and melody for each section and then lyric it straight away before taking on the next part of the song.

Which artists would you cite as major influences on your music?

The Vaccines; my first and favourite indie rock band. Little Comets; my favourite writers and favourite production. Kate Nash; the personal touch and storytelling she conveys through her music that I hope to recreate.

How was the experience of making the music video for the song?

Very fun indeed. The filming itself was mainly done over two days after a few months of planning. The team involved were wonderful and I think everyone had a good time working on this video, especially me.

Whose idea was it?

George O'Regan, this video is his masterpiece. He is fantastically talented and a really lovely person to work with on anything.

How has the song been received live? Have you witnessed any spontaneous acts of love when playing it at shows?

I've been playing this song live here and there for a short while now, people tend to enjoy it, I suppose it's very catchy and the guitar riffs are very familiar, it's one of my favourite songs to play live because it's so happy.

If you could choose one of your songs to soundtrack a film, which song and which film would you choose?

I would definitely pop 'This Feeling' into Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging.

This film basically narrates my song.

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