Nathan & Jessie Tell a Cautionary Tale in Their Swinging Single, "You're the Star" (premiere)

Photo: Mason Munari / Working Brilliantly

Southern California folk duo Nathan & Jessie continue to innovate their sound with the sweet, jazz-tinged sway of the titular single from their upcoming album, You're the Star.

Nathan & Jessie are self-professed chronic world travelers. Having just wrapped up a hot set on the Tucson Folk Festival's main stage near the start of the month, the folk innovators are on the way to a show in Fayetteville, Arkansas on 19 April before heading back to their Southern California home for an Encinitas showing on 4 May. They're a duo whose craftiness evolves through the inspiration garnered in each unique city and town that they visit, engaging in their collective eclectic mindset that would pave the way for jazz-infused folk numbers like "You're the Star". The titular opener from off of their forthcoming album, Nathan & Jessie sink into a gypsy sway that wouldn't feel out of place as the easygoing, unsuspectingly bittersweet b-side to a Django Reinhardt record.

Of the tune, Nathan & Jessie tell it simply by saying, "You're the Star' is a cautionary tale of sorts. If you don't make peace with your past, it can become the lead role in your bad dreams."

You're the Star is set to release on 17 May.

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