Native People - "Ready For Your Love" (audio) (premiere)

The English band serve up a clever cover of Gorgon City's 2014 hit.

Hailing from the small city of Folkestone in Southeast England, Native People showed a great deal of promise on their 2015 Tapes EP, a lively, vibrant exploration of indie pop, new wave, reggae, and Afrobeat rhythms.

What could very well attract more attention is the band's brand new cover of Gorgon City's monstrous 2014 hit "Ready For Your Love". Taking the original songs house beat and transforming it into something more akin to Vampire Weekend, and tossing in some clever, lean guitar work, it's a fantastic, creative rock re-imagining of a well-known song Listen to it below, and be sure to get the Tapes EP on iTunes.

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