NBC's 'Philanthropist' goes global

NBC's drama "The Philanthropist" has likely landed a foreign-born star, and now it's looking for some overseas money as well.

The network is searching for an international production partner to take on roughly half the cost of the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Should that happen, the series may also shoot some of its episodes on location across the globe, which would be tough to pull off without a partner.

"The Philanthropist" is about a billionaire who uses his money and connections to help people in trouble, often working outside the law. British actor James Purefoy ("Rome") is in talks to play the lead role.

NBC has put several co-production deals together for the coming season. British distributor Power teamed up with the network for the fall series "Crusoe," and the BBC is co-producing the midseason fantasy series "Merlin." NBC and Canada's CTV are partners on "The Listener," which is scheduled for next summer.

Power also has foreign distribution rights to a pair of upcoming NBC miniseries, "The Last Templar" and "XIII: The Conspiracy."

David Eick ("Battlestar Galactica") is executive producing "The Philanthropist," having taken over the show from Tom Fontana in the spring. Peter Horton ("Grey's Anatomy") will direct the pilot.

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