Negativland Tell the Tale of "Certain Men" (premiere)

Photo: Monica Regen / Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Your favorite sound collage maestros Negativland return with a meditation on greed that could have been written in the 1980s or the 1790s.

Negativland's new LP, True False, arrives 25 October and the latest cut from the long-form record, "Certain Men", shows that the loveable and dark collective has lost none of its irreverence or intelligence across the last 40 years. One piece of a puzzle that includes a meditation on "technology's dark, anxiety-producing impact on our brains", this track is one part prophecy, one part eulogy, and all parts the perfect number to dance to as we watch the embers of our past in this post-truth world.

Speaking about the tune, the band said, "Music, like money, is loaned into existence, but the second you try to write a popular tune, someone in your band will always end up sampling Henry Kissinger. This is a fun, paranoid little dance number circling around the certain pathological desire to control everything, from the economy on up to the shape of the clouds in our sky."

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