Anaïs Mitchell Joins Nels Andrews on "Scrimshaw", a Song About Keeping Steady (premiere)

Photo: Bradley Cox

On "Scrimshaw", folk maestro Nels Andrews is joined by Anaïs Mitchell as he reflects on finding new surprises in himself and the ones that he loves.

When discussing the trappings of one's favorite stories or even when recalling a life, we often tend to pool our attention towards its beginning or its end. So, when Nels Andrews set out to write his fourth studio album, Pigeon & the Crow, lingering on what can be described as life's "mid-game". Before the album's 9 August release, PopMatters is premiering one of its cuts today in the form of "Scrimshaw", a gently-turning love song that sets its focus on the middle bits of long-standing relationships that still have their fair share of stunning highs. Fellow indie folk trailblazer Anaïs Mitchell joins Andrews on the track. Through her warmth, she assists in elevating a feeling of mutual appreciation that the song feels intent on pinpointing.

Andrews tells PopMatters, "This song is about being steady and constant in a long term relationship as the verses jump through seemingly scattered vignettes, a nod to the Bollywood movies and music I've grown to love. Personally, for me, it's about shedding my vices, and finding new surprises in myself and the in the ones I love, holding strong like the cypress trees that weather so gracefully on the cliffs of California's central coast. Honored to have Anaïs Mitchell singing with me on this one."

Nels Andrews' "Scrimshaw" is available for purchase and streaming today, 14 June.

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