Olovson 2022
Photo: Eliot Hazel / Courtesy of the Playground

Neo-Classical’s Olovson Composes the Evocative “Labyrinter” (premiere)

Recalling the style of classical Romantic-era composition, “Labyrinter” is a nostalgic and moving piece from Swedish composer Olovson.

Lauded neo-classical artist Jacob Olofsson is releasing his first album under the Olovson alias on his imprint, 1136 Diamond, this year. Olovson assures a compelling audiovisual experience, collaborating with illustrator and animator Gabriel Böhmer, illustrator María Medem, and animator Anna Budanova on accompanying visual pieces to his new compositions. Ahead of the album, Storytelling, and its 2022 release, Olovson premieres “Labyrinter” with PopMatters. Recalling the expression of Romantic-era composition, it is a nostalgic and moving piece from the Swedish artist.

Olovson reflects on the track, saying, “Labyrinter means Labyrinths in Swedish and is about looking ahead and not to be afraid to see what is around the next corner. Maybe you’ll find something you like.”

On the album, he states, “This is my first solo album and it is such a wonderful feeling to finally put it out. I have composed, played, lived, and breathed these compositions for the past two years and it feels great to finally share them with everyone. I wish this album brings peace to people’s lives and ignites their imagination.”