Nesta! - 'Better Now' (album stream) (premiere)

Burgeoning EDM artist is but one of many titles the talented young woman has.

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Nesta! (exclamation point intentional) is a wellness coach, surfer, entrepreneur, and creator of the Let Love Rule Animal Rescue in Santa Monica, California. She's so busy being a cool renaissance woman that you'd think that'd be enough, but you can add EDM artist to her list of accomplishments as well, as she's set to release her new album Surrender on 6 October.

Yes, the music is as energetic as you'd expect, but Nesta! brings some much-needed lyrical depth to the propulsive, contagious tunes, as well as a charismatic voice that veers from passionate to playful. Led by the single "Better Now", the album brings some welcome sunshine to early fall, and can be heard below, and be pre-ordered here.

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