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EXCLUSIVE: New Mos Def Track on the PopMatters Player


"Boogie Man"

Tru3 Magic

Geffen Records

Mos Def has proven to be one of hiphop's most accomplished renaissance-men by using his talents to achieve success not only in music but crossing over and blasting into acting with recent film roles in 16 Blocks, Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, The Italian Job, Monster's Ball,in addition to reaching critical acclaim on Broadway and being awarded the coveted Peabody award for his work on HBO's Def Poetry Jam.

Mos Def returns to the music scene with his third solo album, TRU3 MAGIC, on September 19th. Mos is back and he tackles the feeding frenzy generated by commercial hip-hop and the wealth it has created. The album features production by Pharrell Williams, Kayne West, Rich Harrison and more.

The Cigarette: A Political History (By the Book)

Sarah Milov's The Cigarette restores politics to its rightful place in the tale of tobacco's rise and fall, illustrating America's continuing battles over corporate influence, individual responsibility, collective choice, and the scope of governmental power. Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter 5. "Inventing the Nonsmoker".

Sarah Milov
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