Brittany Snow, Stacy Igel and Sloane Stephens

New York Fashion Week: Boy Meets Girl Runway Show

The designer behind Boy Meets Girl collaborated with the Just Dance video game series for a Fashion Week show, plus Austin Mahone performed.

Unless you are working with Getty or some other major outlet or the event itself, photographing a runway show isn’t much fun. You kind of get scrunched into whatever space is available after the pros get into their reserved spots. Most of the time, I was trying to hold onto my spot, with the feeling already gone from my legs, while trying to take a shot. But I hadn’t really tried to cover a fashion show/runway before and so when I saw the opportunity to cover one related to a video game and had a musical performance, I thought, hey why not.

Nothing much needs to be written here about Austin Mahone as his music doesn’t really reach the PopMatters demographic, but since he began the show with his song “What About Love”, I shared some pics below. It would have been more interesting to see Estelle perform instead (she was watching as a guest).

The designer behind Boy Meets Girl, Stacy Igel collaborated with Ubisoft’s video game property Just Dance for her Spring/Summer 2014 Collection with the runway show being held on September 12th, 2013 during New York Fashion Week (under the Style360 umbrella). Prior to the show, attendees could demo the game in one corner of the venue while there were other beauty products to try on another side and and a photo booth where you could take your picture with a cat. It looked like a good time, but I was already positioned for the runway so I didn’t really move around. Unfortunately, for all the waiting, it felt like the show went by pretty quickly (again not being a regular runway photographer I can’t say for sure).

The models looked like they were having fun semi-dancing down the runway, in their “feather-trimmed party dresses, sequin skirts, leather shorts” (quoted from a press release), game-stylized shirts and the occasional headpiece that drew inspiration from different music genres and gaming lifestyle. Even though Just Dance was the main theme, it seemed like one model’s leggings were inspired by the Bioware game Mass Effect with its red and black coloring (you can see the image below and click this link to see official ME gear). Except for a few items, a lot of the apparel looked like they could be worn around town and weren’t shown simply because it was created in a fit of inspiration or to get people to talk.

So enough with the chatter. visit PopMatters’ Facebook page to see a larger gallery of images or scroll down to see some highlights from the event.

Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

Brittany Snow

Sloane Stephens