With "Heather", Newspoke Fight a Battle They Can't Win (premiere)

The anonymous indie folk duo Newspoke inject elements of psychedelic rock into their newest single about a girl.

From symbol-era Prince to Father John Misty, many artists develop their projects around a moniker or stage name to gather attention around a particular cause or idea. However, few are those who stay truly anonymous, choosing to keep their art at the forefront so wholly that their appreciators haven't the slightest clue who they are. This is the case, though, with Newspoke. They're a lot of things, from New York-based to an indie folk duo, but one thing that they're not is identifiable.

All that we know them for is their artistry, which, luckily enough, is as quality as it is varied in scope and intent. Elements of low-key psychedelic rock infuse their way into the new single, "Heather (Battle That I Can't Win)". It's a heartfelt tune with a music video that's as flashy and mysterious as one might expect from the duo. As far as what Newspoke themselves have to say to PopMatters on the song, here is what they offer: "The mysterious, anonymous band simply said: 'it's about a girl.'"

"Heather (Battle That I Can't Win)" is from the duo's latest LP, Faces, out now.

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