NHOAH - "Abstellgleis" (808 State Remix) (premiere)

Acid house legends 808 State bring a psychedelic vibe to Berlin producer NHOAH's stunning track "Abstellgleis".

Berlin producer NHOAH's "Abstellgleis" is a lean and slinky song from his album West-Berlin in which he reduced his working instruments down to a modular synthesizer system with a few controllers and a computer. "Abstellgleis" works primarily with circular patterns that establish a trancey mood and gently grow and expand as the piece proceeds. It creates a great deal of movement and energy.

For the release of the "Abstellgleis" EP single, NHOAH enlisted some serious heavyweights for remixes. µ-Ziq contributes his take, as well as legendary UK acid house group 808 State, whose own music has been massively influential across the electronic music spectrum. 808 State's remix ups the vocal choruses, building the song around a vocal center, while adding bubbling and churning synths that raise the psychedelic quotient considerably. Meanwhile, 808 State's big beats turn the more contemplative original song into a genuine dancefloor banger.

808 State's Graham Massey says, "we were happy to remix veteran Berlin producer NHOAH, I feel we share the longer timelines in electronic music, both drawing from a broader Well, while attempting to keep the chrome shining."

NHOAH's "Abstellgleis" releases 1 December via R.O.T Records. "Abstellgleis" is available for pre-order now.

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