The Nightowls Celebrate Positive Ties With "All The Good Things You Are" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Austin soul band the Nightowls goes deep on soulful single "All The Good Things You Are" that oozes good vibes.

The latest Nightowls single, "All The Good Things You Are", is one of those songs you wish would never end, its soulful, dance-oriented groove make it the perfect listening for the wee hours of the morning after the bars close and the party begins to fade. It also works for the morning commute, the afternoon jog, and the early evening chill session. It's positive without being trite, heartfelt without being cloyingly sentimental. It's also evidence of why and how the Nightowls has gained a reputation as one of Austin, Texas' most exciting bands in recent years. Though there are a number of soul acts coming out of the city of the weird of late, there's something more remarkable about this group, something more sincere and authentic.

Some of that may come down to frontman Ryan Harkrider, who delivers the emotional punch of songs such as this with clear eyes and without a dash or irony. He points out that the group's We Are the Nightowls, from which this song is taken, is more representative of the unit's live shows, though points out that this single is an anomaly on the record in one way.

"'All The Good Things You Are' was the only song on the album created exclusively in the studio. That setting allowed us to try some things we wouldn't on stage, such as a string arrangement", the band offers. "It's a fun little pop song, bouncy rhythm section, tight vocal harmonies and a lush string arrangement that ties everything together. The song is about hanging on to the people in your life who teach you how to be a better person."

We Are the Nightowls is out 27 April.

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