Photo: Samuli Raappana (Transmission Publicity)

NightStop Goes Stop Motion With “Under a Killing Moon” (premiere)

Finnish synthwavers NightStop share a new video ahead of the US release of Dancing Killer on Friday.

Finnish synthwave collective NightStop unleashes the U.S. vinyl edition of its LP Dancing Killer on Friday, 30 March, and celebrates that arrival with a new video for the track “Under a Killing Moon.” Directed Tommi Niukkanen, the visuals provide an excellent companion to the track’s dark underpinnings.

Speaking about the video,
NightStop mastermind Ere Ek says, “There was a somewhat naïve quality to these nocturnal clips he showed us one day. We immediately wanted him to create a stop-motion music video for us. What we got is pretty different from other videos and something that tells the tale of what happens while we sleep.”

Ek began using the
NightStop moniker in 2012, quickly gaining a strong following throughout Europe and Russia via a variety of DIY releases. At the core of the sound are the Yamaha DX7 and a deep appreciation for the Blade Runner score. NightStop remains a synthwave collective that manages to embrace the darker, weightier elements of the genre without being overwhelmed by it.

Dancing Killer, out 30 March, may be preordered via No Trend Records.