Nik Freitas Learns to "Listen" (premiere)

Sometimes Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst collaborator Nik Freitas returns with a peek of new LP, Day & Dark.

California-born Nik Freitas is a prodigious talent, a multi-instrumentalist who produces and engineers, writes songs and acts as his own one-man band. He was a scribe and photograph for Thrasher, has released seven records on his own and toured extensively with Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Jason Lyle of Grandaddy and Conor Oberst's Mystic Valley Band. His latest effort, Day & Dark was recorded and mixed at his own Poppy Peak Studio and features vocal performances from Lucius, Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore and, on "Listen", Maria Taylor (Azure Ray).

"Listen" appeals to the fans of the sun-glazed sounds of She & Him, the meditative parts of Oberst's best work and lovers of songs that run deeper than their breezy melodies and infectious guitar hooks would suggest. Taken from an LP that finds the musician contemplating the state of the world in 2018, "Listen" casts an eye at the haste and confusion of the present day.

"We live in a very self-centered culture and it's becoming hard to disconnect from everything, including yourself", he says. "My oldest daughter started preschool this year and when I'd pick her up in the afternoon, she had so much to say about her day, just tons of words trying to explain herself. I had to stop everything I was thinking about or doing and really listen to piece it all together. It's been so refreshing, stopping everything to listen. I try to apply that approach more in conversations with everyone now. Maria Taylor is a good friend and mother of two and I knew she'd get what the song was about, so I asked her to sing backing vocals. I think her performance helped give it a softer and more inviting tone and really brings the point across."

Day & Dark is out June 22 and may be pre-ordered.


June 8th Omaha, NE @ O'leavers W/Miwi Lalupa
June 10th Davenport, IA @ the Raccoon Motel W/Miwi Lalupa
June 28th Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Day & Dark Album Release show

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